lay-z spa

Take a look at a few videos videos below to help you operate your lay-z spa Hot tub

set the temperature

Learn how to set the temperature :

  • Hold the lock / unlock button for 3 seconds
  • set it to the desired temperature –  up to 40 degrees
  • Press the heat button
  • the filter will automatically switch on
  • Cover to aid the heating process
  • Increases 1 – 2 degrees an hour

WHEN?before, during & after use

clean the filter

Learn how to clean the filter :

  • Switch the filter off on the  pump
  • Unscrew the filter  
  • Rinse the filter with a hose
  • replace the parts and screw together
  • screw back on & switch the filter on
  • do not use without the filter attached 

WHEN? check every 2-3 days

emptying the water

Learn how to empty the water ready for collection:

  • Switch Off The PUMP and Unplug from the mains
  • unscrew the drainage cap & Attach the hose valve 
  • attach the hose (small piece if there is no water coming out)
  • remove the drainage plug

WHEN?  the evening before collection

eo2 error message

the most common and easy to fix error code. There are a number of causes for this:

  • The Filter is dirty – follow the video above to clean
  • Kinked / Un Even pipes – ensure the heating element is flat & level (you can place something underneath it to level especially if it is on grass)
  • other errors can be found in this video

After each solution remember to restart the pump.

  • Unplug it for 10 seconds
  • Plug back in &  Press the orange reset button on the PRCD.
  • Hold the on button on the pump and press the heat button